A Japanese Pasona aims to cooperate with Turkmenistan in the social sphere

A Japanese Pasona aims to cooperate with Turkmenistan in the social sphere

Pasona Inc., one of the largest staffing and employment company in Japan, is interested in establishing partnership relations with Turkmenistan. The head of the corporation, Mr.Takahiro, said this during a Turkmen-Japanese business forum held today in Tokyo.

“For all companies it is very important to make a profit. But we, Pasona Inc., believe this is not the only thing that business needs. A contribution to the development of society is as important as profit,” he said about the mission of company that offers different life solutions and is to enable different work lifestyles and harness the potential of each individual.

The founder of Pasona, Yasuyuki Nambu, started his business in 1976 when he was a student. At that time, Japan had a serious social problem; there were injustices of Japan’s workplace. Men were far more likely to be hired than women and were paid much more for the same work. Women who left their jobs to start a family found returning to work almost impossible. Mr.Nambu had the idea of creating a temporary staffing center in Osaka to place women in flexible, part-time jobs. The experience was successful and soon such centers opened in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

In addition, Pasona was the first company in Japan to open its own childcare center and to provide staffing services in the nursing field to help young mothers get back to work.

Currently, the company has 9 thousand employees and has its own global network – it has 66 branches in 50 countries. Pasona also has overseas divisions in Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“At present time, we are actively cooperating with Turkey, Israel, African countries, and Mexico, and in the near future we expect to establish cooperation with Turkmenistan,” Mr.Takahiro said.

As an example, the potential partners were introduced with the Pasona large-scale social project. For more than 10 years, the company is involved in building social infrastructure on one of the islands the size of Singapore, the population of which are mainly work in agriculture. Pasona has taken on the challenge to create new jobs by attracting human resources to rural areas. The aim is to revitalize regional industries by bringing together people with diverse talents from 60 countries – those who are interested in doing business on the island.

To create new jobs by attracting human resources to rural areas, Pasona has been working toward ongoing revitalization of rural communities by supporting new farmers and managers across Japan since 2003. Pasona Challenge Farm was launched in 2008, as an agriculture venture support system. It provides a place for people to take on the challenge of becoming self-sufficient in farming. The farm practices agricultural business diversification by expanding its activities from production into processing, sales, and tourism.

And this is just one of the many activities of the company. The company’s experience, ideas, practices could be useful for recruitment agencies of Turkmenistan to meet social problems.

Aleksandr BAYRIYEV