A handful of land from the burial place of WWII fighters in Turkmenabat to be delivered to the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces

A handful of land from the burial place of WWII fighters in Turkmenabat to be delivered to the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces

Turkmenabat joined the all-Russian military-patriotic action “A handful of memory”. Here, on Tuesday, September 17, the ceremony of taking soil from the place of the military burial of the Great Patriotic War for the Main Church of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation took place.

During the Great Patriotic War, four evacuation hospitals, where wounded soldiers were treated, operated in Turkmenabat. The most part of wounded soldiers were brought here during 1942-1943, when the bloodiest battles of the Great War took place. Due to wounds, many fighters died and they were buried in a cemetery near evacuation hospitals.

The action of taking soil from the places of military burials and taking water from the places of the death of ships during the Great Patriotic War is carried out as a part of preparation for the 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory, which will be celebrated in 2020. The Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces and the memorial complex will be constructed and timed to this event in Moscow, where pouches with Turkmen soil will be delivered with honors, as well as tens of thousands of pouches with ground from all over Russia and other countries where there are military graves of Soviet soldiers of the Second World War.

Containers with the soil will be placed in the artillery shell cases, which will be installed on the territory of the temple – in the historical-and-memorial complex “The Memory Road”.

After the ceremony of taking soil, a charity meal in memory of those who have died for their country during the Great Patriotic War was offered in one of the cafes of the city of Turkmenabat. More than 200 people of the city came to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

The Ambassador of Russia to Turkmenistan, Alexander Blohin, joined the ceremonies of taking soil and the charity dinner, who said in an interview with ORIENT that he was grateful to the leadership of Turkmenistan, the authorities of the city of Turkmenabat and the residents of the city for keeping the military grave in good condition.
“And this is right, because tens of thousands of Turkmen citizens, like warriors from other republics, died on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War, and we, their descendants, owe them a lot that our children and grandchildren have a future,” the Ambassador said.

He emphasized that Russia and Turkmenistan equally evaluate the contribution that the Soviet Union made to the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

“We are grateful to the Turkmen people for the attention, for the memory they have kept about our soldiers,” the Russian envoy said.