A consignment of drugs was brought near Ashgabat…

A consignment of drugs was brought near Ashgabat…

This morning, on December 14, in the vicinity of the village of Bagabat, which is an hour’s drive from the Turkmen capital, it was delivered a consignment of narcotics, as well as counterfeit cigarettes, seized during operations, carried out by the force structure.

All that poisonous garbage, packaged in parcels, was illegally imported into Turkmenistan within a year, since the previous destruction of the godawful potion was committed on December 8 last year.

Mr. Berdimuhamedov began a determined fight against drug trafficking more than 12 years ago, while still a candidate for the highest state post. It is known that in the 90s this problem was hushed up, so the first public and at that time sensational burning of drugs caused the effect of an exploded bomb both on the domestic alleyways and in foreign mass media.

That was in February 2007. Since then, such actions are held regularly 1-2 times a year.

With the tightening of fight against drug traffickers – those who distribute narcotic and psychotropic drugs, as well as substances, used in their manufacture (precursors), not only the volume of drugs, imported into Turkmenistan, but also their composition, has begun to decrease.

If at the first burning, held 12 years ago, a large consignment of drugs, including hard ones (29 kg of heroin and more than 466 kg of opium, more than 18 kg of hashish, 6 kg of marijuana, 235 kg of poppy straw, the total weight of which amounted to more than 755 kg), was destroyed, then in subsequent years, including in today’s action, it was a handful, mainly so-called “light drugs”.

Although, how drugs can be “light”, if consequences from them are extremely drastic and, most commonly, lead to fatal outcome.

Today, not only narcotics, but also drug-containing substances, smuggled to the territory of Turkmenistan were burned in powerful furnaces, as in Hellfire. The most respected people in Turkmen society – elders and women of respectable age burned them with pleasure.

The elders were homologated by young Turkmen people, who took drugs in their arms for the first time to immediately throw them into a fiery furnace.

Today’s action was attended by representatives of international organizations, including the UN specialized structures. They also joined those who wanted to throw packages of deadly potion with their own hands into the fire combustor.

In recent years, in connection with the total fight against tobacco smoking, during the actions the security officials began to burn counterfeit cigarettes too, acting on the principle of “you want to smoke – smoke, but very expensive cigarettes, not chemically poisoned grass under of tobacco brands’ trademark.”

Perhaps they are right, considering that a number of people believe that cigarettes are an officially legal drug because they are also addictive.

But then an ordinary coffee has the same effect on the human body!

And the tea habitual to everyone, without which either I or my friends can imagine a productive life, causes us the same affection.

However, in such matters it is not necessary to sophisticate: the fight against drugs is effectively conducted. And the more extended it is, the better it is for all of us and future generations. And this is an axiom!

Alexander BAIRIEV