A concert of grateful students for the anniversary of the beloved Bakhshi of Turkmenistan

A concert of grateful students for the anniversary of the beloved Bakhshi of Turkmenistan

The concert was organized by the students for their mentor, Honored Bakhshi of Turkmenistan Garyagdy Saryyev. The well-known performer, continuer of the musical dynasty and senior teacher of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kuliyeva, turned 45 years old.

The son of the famous Satlyk Bakhshi raised a lot of talented young people who carefully preserve the traditions of Turkmen folk musical art. And today’s concert was for them no less important than the reporting or examination. The compositions “Bäri gel” (“Come here”), “Habarlaşalyň” (“Contact us”), “Leýli gelin” (“Daughter Leyli”) and many others were performed in the concert, and Garyagdy Saryev carefully watched the successors play from the first row.

Many of the graduates of the famous Bakhshi today represent the musical culture of Turkmenistan abroad, introducing the world to the amazing performing art of the Turkmen people. Works from the depths of epochs unusually touch the audience, and the unique manner of performance is highly praised. Until now, in Turkmenistan, Bakhshis are not just musicians, but “the voice of the people”, able to create a picture of sounds on two strings that is understandable and close to everyone.

During the whole concert, led by young performers, the listeners froze with delight, surging with a piercing melody of sadness and joy, drowning and slamming familiar melodies from childhood. In conclusion, the proud hero of the students, Garyagdy Saryev, went onto the stage and performed the “Hajygolak” destan.

Spectators, among whom were relatives of the honored Bakhshi, and his most strict critic and teacher, his father, applauded standing up, appreciating the musical and pedagogical talent of the hero of the day.

“The teacher explained to us the most significant in the art of bakhshi was the importance of preserving and transferring it unchanged to your descendants, so that they could enjoy the beauty of the sound of the Turkmen soul,” explained the concert participants, proud of the praise of recognized masters.