A cold snap is expected in Turkmenistan

A cold snap is expected in Turkmenistan

After a brief warming, cold weather will return to Turkmenistan. A sharp temperature drop will be felt by residents of the coastal regions of the country, where on the night of January 15-16, a strong wind and storm will raise waves up to 1.8 meters. Unstable weather is caused by the effects of the Mediterranean and South Caspian cyclones, which brought warm and dry days.

The warmth of “winter spring” is deceptive. Next week, a cold anticyclone will invade the territory of Turkmenistan, which is moving from the south of the European part of Russia and Western Kazakhstan. Cold air masses will cover the entire region, which will result in a noticeable decrease in temperature.

A sharp cold snap will begin to gain momentum from January 20. On the night of January 21, the air temperature is expected to drop to 5 degrees below zero in the capital region. Precipitation, most probably snow is expected in the afternoon.

On the territory of Turkmenistan, the low temperature will last about two weeks. In some regions, the thermometer will drop to -15 degrees Celsius.

To avoid viral and cold-related diseases during the cold season, the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan recommends to dress according to the weather.

In winter, the human body needs additional energy. Therefore, before you leave the house, you should have a substantial breakfast – a hungry person freezes faster. You should also stay hydrated: drink more warm tea, herbal decoctions, milk and water.