A casting of young singers on the music show “E-Stereo” held in Ashgabat

A casting of young singers on the music show “E-Stereo” held in Ashgabat

On August 30, a casting of the upcoming autumn concert for amateur vocalists and professionals was held in the Ashgabat entertainment center “Forge of Talents”.

Young boys and girls who decided to take part in the qualifying event performed their favorite songs, songs that hurt their hearts.

Someone brought along musical instruments, someone tried to sing “a cappella”, someone needed a “minus” for the performance – the melody of the selected song.

The main prize of the casting is the opportunity to take part in the show, which will be held on October 13. The jury includes young teachers, vocal teachers.

“This is the fourth casting,” the jury members told us. – In the already drawn up program, we select guys who could help us in decorating creative numbers. A large number of talented artists strive to prove themselves, and we give them such an opportunity.

..A singer comes in, calls his name and the name of the composition to be performed. Meanwhile, the jury notes for himself what he likes in this artist, on which he would still have to work.

The first to decide to demonstrate his singing was Azat Annamamedov. Only recently, his beautiful voice could be heard at the last Sunday concert “Heat in Abad”, where Azat performed Frank Sinatra’s and Muslim Magomaev’s hits. Confident young man this time also proved to be excellent.

Selby Orazlyeva, who graduated from music school in piano, talentedly performed the song of Anna German “Echo of Love”.

«The skies will cover with dustlings of starts
And the branches will bend…» –

… sounded in the “Forge of talents” bringing goosebumps. Such a young girl, and what a penetrating talent!

An unusual choice of repertoire struck all the members of the jury for Adeline Nazarova. A positive girl performed Dargomyzhsky’s romance to Pushkin’s poems “Young Man and Virgo.”

The jury members kindly cheered the modest guys, whose trembling hands and trembling voice betrayed them.

15-year-old Nyazik Nazarova got a little nervous at the show.

“I never performed in public,” said Nyazik, shy. – I have no musical education, only the desire to sing.

But the excitement was in vain, the girl instantly won the hearts of teachers.

I was surprised by the relaxed style of performance and the strong voice of Alina Abrahamyan, 17 years old. She boldly chose Rihanna’s song “Diamonds” for herself.

– This is generally the first casting I decided on. I sing for myself, in karaoke, I struggle with my complexes in this way,” says Alina.

“There are a lot of girls today,” they complain to the jury. – At the first two castings there was no end to the guys.

But, as it turned out, the gentlemen just let the ladies go ahead.

Kerim Amansaryev is a guy with a guitar and also one of the participants in the Heat in Abad concert. He performed a composition on verses of the famous Turkmen poet Gurbannazar Ezizov “Two Trees”, which touched everyone’s soul.

“I have such a problem,” Karim frankly admits, “I can only sing songs that personally hit me “for life,” if this did not happen, then, unfortunately, nothing happens.

With this approach, breaking into the big stage is quite difficult. But the position of the talented Kerim is respected.

There were a lot of gifted guys at today’s casting. Most of them were promised to call, as the jury noted not one or two performers. For example, everyone liked Alina Abrahamyan so much that it was decided to immediately include her in the concert program.

However, a panel of jury members will review the lists of candidates for three days.

Viewers can only look forward to the upcoming event – the Turkmenistan Open Music Festival “E-Stereo”, which will be held on October 13.

Svetlana MAYAK