A boy who has been brought up by wolves

A boy who has been brought up by wolves

History knows many stories about friendship between the human and wild animals. The most such famous character – a boy by name Mowgli from «The Jungle Book» by Rudyard Kipling.

A human baby living in a horde of wolves glorified the name of the writer for the whole world. In Turkmenistan there was a similar case when in 1957 a group of geologists who went to the desert, found out a boy running among a horde of wolves.

People decided to rescue the child who by sight looked no more than five years old. But the boy escaped from them, bit and growled. When they could catch «Mowgli», then, first of all geologists brought him to a hospital where the boy was diagnosed with « oligophrenia ». The child could not tell how he happened to be among wolves and where his parents and the first human word Juma Jumayev – such name was given to the boy by doctors – he said only at his ten.

The child, having happened to be among people, began to adapt to the human life. Juma with difficulty weaned from the habit of moving on all fours as a wolf, and all his habits corresponded to the behaviour of animal. Knees and palms of the child were covered by callosities and grazes. He could neither drink, nor eat as humans.

But soon positive dynamics was observed in the difficult process of adaptation. And by his 15th years the boy had learnt to write, read a little and even began to tell about his life with wolves. With tears in his eyes Juma remembered his mother-wolf, wolf-father, brothers and sisters. He said that the attitude of people to him was as animals, having exterminated all his wolf family, and after all wild animals gave him food and shelter.

In the 1990-ties journalists of the Russian editions learnt of the Turkmen «Mowgli» and arrived in Turkmenistan to get acquainted with the unusual person. Director Bulat Mansurov, communicating with Juma, asked him to draw his mum. Having had a look at the drawing of the young man, Bulat said: «Juma, but it is a wolf». «It is mum» – Juma said in the eyes of whom through a smile, tears appeared. He badly spoke, but well understood what they said to him.

At 37 Juma received a passport, a residence permit and the right to pension, but the most part of his life he spent in clinics and boarding schools. He lived long enough for «Mowgli» life – about 50 years. Having spent only five years with wolves, and all other life among people, he did not managed to understand and accept a human society completely.

Juma Jumayev did not grow as a wild animal, but for ever kept the wolf habits. The modern science confirms that if a human baby spent his early childhood among animals the society of people will be alien to him for the rest of his life as early years among similar to him make a person a human.

Selbi Charyeva