A biographical book about singer Murad Divanayev has been published

A biographical book about singer Murad Divanayev has been published

Nowadays, we can hear about the life of Murad Divanayev, an opera singer and master of thousands of professions, not only from the master and his devoted friends and admirers, but also read it in the biographical book Singer.

The author, Viktor Ivanovich Shatalov, collected the impressions and reviews of contemporaries, amazing life stories, memoirs and plans of many-sided Divanayev in one manuscript, which he presented to his main character back in 1996. The book has been pleasing only the maestro’s family for 23 years.

And in the year of his 83th birthday, the work was publicized. On pages of the book, the reader sees heroes of the past millennium, including famous artists, painters and writers. Each word is a warm greeting from the past, which reveals a whole period in the history of Turkmen art.

Benjamin Franklin’s aphorism “Talents that are not used are like a sundial in the shade” perfectly fits Murad Divanayev. Everything with the maestro is in the sunshine.

He calls singing the source of art, and therefore does not believe that he has different professions. Indeed, is an opera singer far from a potter and a photographer from a teacher? All his skills serve one purpose: to capture the music of life. Therefore, one should not be surprised to read selected poems in the book composed by him.

Murad Divanayev himself is full of bursting energy here and now. And although the events in the book took place until 1996, he did not lose his former liveliness and vigor. This year, he, who seems to be talented in every respect, plans his art exhibition, to be followed by other similar events at the age of 90, then 95, and even 100!

Literary work, carried through the years, today opens before the readers not only the life story of the popular performer Murad Divanayev, but it also paves the way for invariably cheerful and curious people to try, do, attempt, and achieve!