50 times faster : South Korea to launch 6G pilot project in 2026

50 times faster : South Korea to launch 6G pilot project in 2026

The South Korean government has set a strategy for the development of 6G mobile technologies, which will replace 5G networking, which in fact cellular phone com-panies began deploying worldwide, according to a report from businesskorea.co.kr.

A theoretical peak download speed of 5G service is 20 gigabits per second. So far, however, in practice, such speeds are impossible. 6G networks are expected to de-liver speeds that dozens of times faster.

The upcoming mobile networking generation is touted to be 50 times faster than 5G and to have a one-terabyte-per-second data transmission speed in 6G and would reduce delay time to one tenth of 5G services..

South Korea reportedly expects to invest a total of KRW 200 billion (roughly $170 million) between 2021 and 2026 period to secure basic 6G technology. It is aimed to launch a pilot project for 6G mobile services in 2026. The government selected five major areas for the pilot project: digital healthcare, including distance surgery; immersive content and holographic conferencing; self-driving cars, including flying cars; smart cities and smart factories.

The government expects 6G services could be commercially available in South Ko-rea between 2028 and 2030. It is expected that 6G networking will be available up to 10 km above the ground.

In the fall of 2015, the South Korean company SK Telecom announced plans to be the first to launch the world’s first nationwide 5G mobile network. The company demonstrated Internet speeds of up to 19.1 gigabits per second, nearly 1,000 times faster than the 25 megabits-per-second in 4G service.

As of today, South Korea is the leader in the deployment of 5G mobile technolo-gies. It launched the world’s first nationwide commercial 5G networking in 2019. In 2020, the number of 5G subscribers exceeded 6 million.