«Hasten to do good deeds …»

«Hasten to do good deeds …»

This history was told by my acquaintance. Once, in the winter afternoon, approaching a crossroads, she paid attention to two girls. They stood on the sidewalk, and did not dare to step onto the road on which a stream of cars moved. Girls held each other by hands: the one who was older, looked at directly ahead, without turning her head, another opposite, looked at a traffic light, waiting, when green light will light up. Here the allowing emerald spark, at last, flashed, but girls nevertheless did not dare to move forward as if being afraid of something.

– I approached, took them by hands, and we went to the opposite side, – the acquaintance told. – I looked at girls, and understood, why they so were afraid of this short travel through road: one of them almost saw nothing; another went, strongly dropping on the crippled foot, probably suffering from infringement of the musculoskeletal system. Her other hand was bent. We passed through road, girls thanked me. We got to talking. Girls Tanya and Lika study in a special school for invalids, and besides they are engaged in dress-making courses. It turns out while it is not very well – Tanya’s hands do no move well and Lika almost does not see. But they try, and serve each other as a support: one helps to hold with healthy hands a cloth, and another passes threads through the canvas.

They help to create good each other. They want to be as others, though they understand that it, alas, is impossible, but it is possible to make so that not to pay attention to your illnesses, and to live cheerfully and interesting.

– I suddenly understood that I did not want to leave them, – my acquaintance told. Since then, when I have free time, she fetches girls after their study in a special school and in dress-making courses to their homes. They have already became friends.

– I would like to continue a dialogue with these girls as they have amazed me with their cheerfulness, firmness and mutual assistance. It seems to me, all of us should learn it from them.

It is only small episode from the city’s everyday life. To the author of these lines time and again it was possible to help sick and ailing people to pass through the road, to reach a proper place, to find a drugstore or the shop mislaid in labyrinths of quarters. And some time I could get acquainted with Muhammetnazar Bakiev. He is invalid and as it appeared, he writes verses. I want to refer to his poem here:

Never, never, never surrender!
Even if it seems – there is no more power.
Both illness, and trouble each instant try,
That your spirit could win struggle anyway!

Never, never, never yield –
Whether under a pressure of words, you destroying, and affairs,
Honour and conscience always try to keep,
That the temptation or a case will not manage to break you!

And differently it is impossible, every day itself again
Rise to save souls in fight,
This fight though is also difficult, at times severe,
In that fight make even what is impossible!

Never, never, never surrender!
Let courage conducts you forward, instead of fear .
The life on the Earth try to live so,
That as star it would shine for centuries!

It is many years that in the different countries of the world people celebrate International Day of Older Persons. By the developed tradition, this day it is accepted to tell about the people who have lived the big life, grown up and brought up posterity and, as the natural result, surrounded in the evening of life numerous relatives – children, grandsons, great-grandsons. What can be lovelier than a picture of a happy old age is more pleasant? It is only a happy childhood.

But, alas, life does not for all develops equally and joyfully. Owing to different circumstances days of one are filled by bright and well-being, another has less and more cloudy days than sunny. We will not understand the reasons; we would not talk of it now. For each person, eventually, there will come winter. For someone it will be warm and cosy, and someone remains in private with an everyday icy cold. And that is the most terrible, – any more will not suffice forces to overcome it.

Three are the most defenceless and it means, demanding especially attentive and solicitous attitude of a category of people on our planet, – children and old men and invalids. In all centuries it was considered a degree of moral descent to offend an old man or child, the offence which does have neither justifications, nor pardons. Just like children while they grow, the care of adults is necessary, and guardianship of the closest people – the children is necessary to older persons.

The terrestrial circle comes to an end and old men, if they want that or not, become again similar to themselves as they looked many years back, at the beginning of their path. Only then the whole life ahead lay, and there were forces to live it.

It is quite often possible to hear that it is hard to live with old men. Well, really, to be near to the elderly person is not an easy one. Not so much as physical though it is also sufficed, as mentally. Suddenly, in one not so fine day we notice that our relatives start to change, they develop the traits, which before they did not have at all, and they demand a lot of attention, and here cares rush into our measured life and efforts, considerably changing a habitual rhythm.

Alas, no means always we have enough wisdom, yes simply observations to understand, what exactly occurs with our close people and having guessed, not always we can reconcile that now it is necessary to reconstruct ourselves , the way and with it already there’s nothing to be done. Life near to older persons is not only patience, but also test for fidelity, check not ostentatious, but true philanthropy and mercy. And it is human dignity.

Why older persons’ characters change? They weaken, one after another illnesses with which it is already difficult to overcome are knocked at the door, and there is a dissonance between desires and possibilities. They suffer from consciousness of own powerlessness, that cannot help to the full near any more, that many forces and time began to take away from them, that are compelled to reconcile to irreversible laws of nature.

They become intolerant, whimsical, exacting, at times cease to learn world around and native, make strange in our opinion acts. It is not necessary to take offence for it. After all we do not become angry with an ill child, on the contrary, we try to surround him with attention and care while he recovers.

We all life are pursued by illnesses. One passes in due course, others collect and, eventually, has an effect. The old age is some kind of illness. It is not treated. And it is impossible to blame our relatives for it. Everything that from us is required now – more attention, patience and tact. It is hard, but we have no other choice. It should not be. We have a genetic memory of saving warmth of maternal breast and strong hands of our fathers. They throughout life are imperceptible, but reliably protected and warm us. It is time for us to give back that warmth.
It is impossible to admit that at the end of life old men remained in loneliness. Let their days will be filled if not by happiness, then by rest and respect. Stretch your hands to old men, warm their faces by your palms, be not lazy to talk to them. They have lived a great life and they have much to share.

Do not postpone, make it today, now. Then it will be late, and already it is necessary for nobody. And then you till the end of days do not forgive yourselves indifference, impatient gesture, the rough word, the lost minutes and hours when it would be possible to talk to old men, to give to them of more attention, but here you have do not have suffice time.

Remember that each of us once should pass this piece of way. All of us live in need of each other: parents before children, children – before parents. One should repay his obligations. The old age should not be lonely, it should be worthy.

The statement of one of Dostoevsky’s heroes «the Beauty will save the world» sounds perfectly, but represents the facts a little. What is beauty? It is convention which everyone understands in own way. But here is what our world can certainly make more moral, kind, more purely and more absolutely. Kindness is necessary to all surrounding and, first of all who live close. Kindness is more expensive than beauty. Hasten to do good deeds.

And in the end I want to refer to verses of Ashgabat poet-invalid Muhammetnazar Bakiev who is already familiar to you:

Not for riches be proud, human for kindness,
So that it is always in your heart,
And by greatness of souls, and souls’ cleanliness,
It is wealth and beauty!

And the wealth – it is here now, it is nowhere tomorrow,
And, at times disappears as a smoke,
Kindness – through centuries of heart clear light,
Shines for people as fire sacred.

Vladimir ZAREMBO,
Photo by Rasim GUSEYNOV