New Year’s mood in evening Ashgabat: effect of the presence of a miracle

New Year’s mood in evening Ashgabat: effect of the presence of a miracle

New Year’s Eve is the busiest time of year. It is necessary to be in time for buying gifts, thinking over the menu for the festive table, choosing an outfit and not forgetting to make a wish list. But what if there is no New Year’s mood due to the everyday bustle, big work rush?

If you are an Ashgabat resident, get abstracted from business for just half an hour and walk along the streets of the evening capital. It is good for health and the state of mind. And very soon your skepticism about New Year’s magic will dissipate.

The matter is not even in the elegant surroundings and illumination, which the city authorities have above and beyond arranged this year at all the avenues, fences, trees and lawns.

The entire mood is set by impatient kids, who were taken out by their parents for a walk, and who delightedly freeze near each Christmas tree with toys and garlands, rush with a screech in neon “tunnels” and strive to pull each star glowing on the tree branches.

This anticipation of a fabulous event seizes all adult passers-by, who, having forgotten about the urgent problems, begin to take selfies against the sparkling scenery of the holiday and call someone, sharing their impressions.

Decorators tried not for nothing, unwinding hundreds and thousands of kilometers of luminous cords and garlands throughout the city. The effect of the presence of a miracle has been achieved. It is enough just to look around with the child’s eyes, and see a beautiful exciting world full of unexplored opportunities, undisclosed secrets and inviting mysteries.

For a complete “set”, ORIENT offers other 5 simple recipes for sensing the New Year’s mood.

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree

The easiest way to remind yourself that the New Year is just round the corner is to decorate a downy beautiful Christmas tree. One of the main symbols of the holiday will evoke a smile and fill with positive emotions every day.

Immerse yourself in childhood and cut out snowflakes or New Year’s garlands from paper, paint a winter-style reminder board, make confetti.

It’s amazing how even the unshowiest New Year’s decor changes the atmosphere. Home decoration is a peculiar process of the fine preparation of a person for the holiday both in outward appearance and at heart.

  1. Visit the Mew Year’s bazaars

Even if you don’t need to buy anything for the holiday, visiting New Year’s fairs and bazaars will definitely cheer you up. These pictures make one finally convinced that the holiday is just round the corner. Otherwise, why is everyone around so fussy buying tinsel and carnival masks?

In Turkmenistan, the Altyn Asyr bazaar, or, as the people call it, the flea market, may become a place of attraction for the New Year’s mood. Bright decorations gleam in the sun, sellers loudly invite you to see their products and smartly count out Christmas balls. It is noisy, bustling and funny!

  1. Eat tangerine

Or, if you are an allergy sufferer, at least unwrap it so that the scent spreads throughout the room. After all, this is the most “New Year’s” fruit, the flavor of which is strongly associated with the upcoming celebration.

Why did it happen so? There are several versions. According to one of them, the tradition of celebrating the New Year’s Holiday with tangerines originated in China in around 1000 BC. The phrase “pair of tangerines” is spoken like the word “gold”. Therefore, visiting someone, the guests gave the hosts two tangerines to attract wealth to the house. And, leaving, they were presented another pair of bright fruits as a gift.

The most practical version of the story says that tangerine – like a southern and thermophilic tree – ripens in our region by December. The main suppliers are Abkhazia and Georgia. But the mandarins from far abroad have just the ripening season. So it turns out that the shelves of shops and bazaars are full of these vitamin fruits on the New Year’s Eve.

  1. Start celebrating in advance

The New Year is a traditional holiday. And it has a classic scenario: a family feast, making wishes to a chime of bells, the exchange of gifts. But it is possible to start celebrating the holiday in advance, enjoying yourself with new impressions every day!

If nobody organizes New Year’s miracles for you, create them yourself. Distribute sweets and sparklers to your colleagues, arrange a New Year’s quest for children, invite your friends to a New Year’s movie series, and take part in a charity event. So, brick by brick, you build your New Year’s mood and recharge for the whole coming year.

  1. Make yourself a present

As the saying goes, “Life is divided into three stages: first you believe in Santa Claus, then you don’t believe in Santa Claus, and then you are Santa Claus yourself”. Become a New Year’s magician and give yourself the cherished and beautiful gift that you have been dreaming about for a long time – jewelry, a travel, a bright and unusual impression or a master class. Let it remind you that miracles happen, and you are the main magicians in your life.