21-year-old American set a record, having been in 196 countries

21-year-old American set a record, having been in 196 countries

If the Lexi Alford record (21 years old) is recognized in the Guinness Book of Records, it will beat the British record of James Asquith – around the world at the age of 24.

21-year-old, a resident of Nevada County, California (USA), Lexi Alford recently achieved the goal of covering all 196 countries of the world – according to American recognition, according to Fox News.

There are currently 206 applicant countries and territories in the world, of which 193 are members of the UN. America recognizes 195 countries independent.

Alford’s most recent trip took place on May 31st. She came to the DPRK and completed a long journey to fulfill her childhood dream.

The desire of a young girl to travel the world comes from the “traveling” family. From a young age, her parents took her to many countries – Cambodia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates.

By the age of 18, the list of countries visited by Lexi included 72 names. Then Alford realized that she could break the world record, and planned to achieve this goal.

For the travel budget, she signed a number of sponsorship agreements with several brands and filmed a touring program in several countries, which is scheduled for release in November.

So with her current report, Alford becomes the youngest person in the world to visit the largest number of countries. Currently, the young girl provided about 10,000 evidence that she went to 196 countries to challenge the previous record and get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Until that time, James Asquith from the UK remains the youngest person to visit all countries – by the age of 24 years.