2018 FIFA World Cup: cheerful Samara, the German fiasco and losing points of Brazil

2018 FIFA World Cup: cheerful Samara, the German fiasco and losing points of Brazil



Hospitable Samara kindly provided its main stadium for the first game of teams from the group E.

At 3 pm, Moscow time, the next match of the World Cup in Russia began with the participation of Costa Rica and Serbia.

By the 20th minute of the game, both teams have already created many dangerous and not very dangerous situations, but they did not pleased their fans with a goal scored. In the final third of the first half of the match, the initiative was completely in the hands of the Serbs, but they had too little force to create something truly dangerous in the field.

Apparently, 53-year-old Oscar Ramirez, the current manager of the Costa Rica national team, and Mladen Krstajic, who has been appointed as a new head coach of Serbian national team just six months ago, during the break, figured out how to pick up “keys” to the tightly closed gates of the opponent.

Less than five minutes after beginning of the second half, as the players from the Caribbean admitted a dangerous failure in the defense. Aleksandar Mitrovic from Fulham, thanks to the adjusted pass Milinkovic-Savic (“Lazio”), went one on one with the goalkeeper of Los Ticos (the national football team of this small Central American country is lovely called “Los Ticos” by fans). But Keylor Navas keeps his gates safely. Do not forget that the Costa Rican is the goalkeeper of Madrid’s “Real”!

However, at the 57th minute of the match he seemed to be powerless also. Aleksandar Kolarov throws the wall from the standard perfectly, and the ball goes to the top corner of the gate. Mundial-2018 continues to please us with the most beautiful moments, worthy to be included to the football guidebooks.

Being lit up, the Serbs continue to attack. By the 73rd minute, the coach of Costa Rica uses all three substitutions in the lineup to animate the game of their wards. Nevertheless, the representatives of Europe are more successful in creative football. Fourteen minutes before the end of the match – another dangerous situation at the gates of Los Ticos!

The score has not changed during regular time remained and five minutes added by referee, despite the desperate attempts of Costa Ricans to reverse the course of the match.

The minimal, but deserved victory of the national team of Serbia.


This match does not need any additional announcement. A well-tuned “German car”, the current World Cup holders against the Mexican team that demonstrate hot and “tasty”, like chili, football.

Location – Moscow, the stadium “Luzhniki”. Time is 6 pm.

Teams begin the fight at high speeds. Football turns out very spectacular, with many dangerous moments at both gates. At the 17th minute, Javier Hernandez got a chance to meet in a one-on-one football format with Germany’s goalkeeper Manuel Neuer from Bayern Munich, but Chicharito (Hernandez is commonly known by his nickname) inexcusably restrains the ball …

In general, Hernandez is very active in the last few minutes; as for “eagles”, it is difficult to sort out someone – traditionally, the completely German national team acts like a good computer program, monotonously, but smoothly.

But … after the first thirty minutes of the game it should be noted that “Aztecs” look more interesting and, importantly, they are attacking more often.

As a result, the national team of Mexico in the 35th minute opens the scoring. Hector Herrera from FC “Porto” after the interception leads Chicharito forward, and he clearly passes out Hirving Lozano, who is at the left. The winger beats Hummels and sends the ball into the net. Neuer is powerless!

Although the “German machine” rushed to recoup, the “green” still survived. Time to have a break.

The match turns out to be complicated and dynamic. In this connection, the competent actions of an Iranian Alireza Faghani, who was the main football referee of the match, should be noted.

During the break, none of team did the substitutions in the composition. The German national team, having seized the initiative, tries to dominate, the Mexicans snap dangerous counterattacks at the first opportunity. Starting from the 60th minute, the Germans begin to replace with the aim of strengthening the midfield line.

The game pressure of the “eagles” is growing and is increasing with every minute. However, all attacks of the Germans are too straightforward and readable by the enemy. Nevertheless, the Mexican team, despite all the efforts, can do nothing intelligible. At the 89th minute, there is a slight panic at the gate of the “Aztecs”, because the German team was very close to the goal, but the shot of Julian Brandt from the “Bayer” was at just a little inaccurate.

Mexicans have to hold out another three minutes added and they succeed.

World champions in football lose points in the first round and, thereby significantly complicating the round of group stage of Mundial.


The last match of the next day of the 2018 World Cup was held in Rostov-on-Don. The ball magicians from Brazil opposed to the serious and professional team of Switzerland that is 6th of FIFA World Rating.

The first ten minutes, both teams seemed to be looking closely at each other and the first dangerous moment in the performance of Brazil arose only at the 11th minute. However, Paulinho from “Barcelona” failed the hit.

The score was opened nine minutes later: Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho scored a goal at 27 meters. The five-time world champions: “Brasil pentakampione” is “Brazil pentakampione”!

Then again – another dangerous situation at the 33rd minute, but Neymar was offside.

Another nickname for Brazilians is “selesao”, which means “selected.” Well … it is deserved. The team plays half-heartedly, but at the same time fully controls the course of the game. The first half concludes with a confident dominance of the Brazilian national team. Although after the goal scored the South Americans began to play very calmly, did not create anything especially, and did not try much.

It is a moment! Thiago Silva from PSG in the time added to the first half could reach the goal, but the ball after the header hit just above the crossbar.

Well … Vladimir Petkovic, the coach of Switzerland, needs to talk seriously with team players during the break.

At the 50th minute, the relaxed style of game of Brazilians played a nasty trick on themselves. Steven Zuber from German “Hoffenheim” was left unattended in the goalkeeper zone and after corner service, he kicked the ball from a close distance between the hands of pentakampione’s goalkeeper. The score is – 1: 1.

The Swiss began to act bravely. The Brazilians are nervous visibly. At the 69th minute Coutinho could score the second goal, but the ball did not lie comfortably on his foot and passed very tightly to the right bar of the gate of the Swiss team.

Generally, Europeans competently defend themselves and “selesao” are not allowed into the penalty zone. South Americans try to ball from afar. At the 82nd minute, another dangerous moment was not realized – after the kick of Firmino, the ball goes away to the grandstands. Six minutes later Neymar acts unsuccessfully. Counter-attacks of the Swiss team also lead to nothing.

During the added five minutes, the Brazilians organized several rather dangerous moments with zero result. Tite, Head coach of pentakampione, is frankly dissatisfied. Well, what can you do? The final whistle of Mexican referee Ramos writes finis to this match.

After all, we did not expect such a game from the five-time World Cup holders. We will see how the Brazilian team’s game changes after this draw game, because the “selesao” cannot afford to play as relaxed as today in the second round match.

Other next games of the first round of the World Cup in Russia are waiting for us tomorrow. Teams from the groups F and G will join the game. The team of England that is the country-forefather of modern football to come into play.