“Children of Asia”: the first meeting of Turkmen hockey players on Sakhalin – an important experience has been gained

“Children of Asia”: the first meeting of Turkmen hockey players on Sakhalin – an important experience has been gained

Victor Kardashov

The third day of the sports fights of the young participants of the first international winter games “Children of Asia” has begun. Games are hosted by the hospitable Sakhalin region. On February 11, the hockey team of Turkmenistan enters the fight, the first opponent of which will be the team from Yakutia.

Three hours before the start of the match, a windless, fairly comfortable weather with a light frost was established (thermometers showed about ten degrees below zero), a little snow fell.

Ice hockey fans began to push themselves towards the modern Arena City ice complex long before the start of the match, so that, after passing through a serious security check system, they would take the most comfortable seats in the spectator stands.

I would like to especially note the coordinated work of numerous volunteers of the “Children of Asia – 2019” games who contributed to the excellent organization of the competitions and ensuring the smooth operation of media representatives who came from many countries around the world to cover the events of the sports forum.

An hour before the start of the meeting, sports fans were entertained by illusionists for some time, then an express prize drawing was held, which were won by the youngest hockey fans, and finally the time came to fill a new, fresh layer of ice with a special machine. Before the start of the match there was quite a bit …

Sakhalin time – 16:45. Teams appear on the ice. The national team of Turkmenistan in green uniform, hockey players of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are wearing white hockey sweaters. Warming up begins.

Athletes line up opposite each other, the anthems of the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan are played.

From the first minutes of the match, the Turkmen team’s gate will be defended by Sohbet Garlyev. The judge gives a signal about the start of the meeting – the first game of the ice squad from Turkmenistan within the framework of the hockey tournament of the 1st Winter International Sports Games “Children of Asia”.

At the very beginning of the meeting, the Yakut hockey players, having arranged the starting assault on the gates of Turkmenistan, open the scoring in the match – 0: 1. Two minutes later, the player of the Sakha Republic was removed for an attack on a player who does not own the puck. Turkmen hockey players remain in the majority. This is a chance to level the score, but unfortunately, players do not use it. The national team of Yakutia is playing at full strength.

More than five minutes of the match were played and a second puck hits the gate of the Turkmenistan national team. In less than a minute, the gap in the account is already becoming large. 0: 3. Mentors of the Turkmen national team need to change the drawing of the game and try to straighten the position before the whistle for a break.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reverse the course of the match before the break, and despite the fact that the Turkmen team has remained in the majority more than once and managed to create several critical moments at the gates of the enemy, the advantage of young hockey players from Yakutia remained overwhelming. The team went to break with the score 6-0 in favor of athletes from Russia.

Toward the end of the second period of the meeting, the long-awaited first puck of the Turkmenistan national team took place at this tournament. Its author was Novruz Baykhanov, playing under the number “7”.

The final score before the last rest break is 13: 1 in favor of the national team of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Still, the difference in the class of the game among the participants of today’s meeting on ice was too big.

For 15 minutes, set aside for sportsmen to rest, fans were entertained by a talented vocal duet from the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

In the final 20-minute meeting, the game calmed down a bit, the accumulated fatigue of players from both teams became noticeable. As a result – only five goals scored in the third period of the match. And, best of all, a double in the asset of the same Novruz Baykhanov, who was assisted by Mukhammet Agayev, wearing the number “17” on a hockey sweater. The final score of the first game of hockey players from Turkmenistan at the tournament is 2:17.

The Turkmen team has time until tomorrow to draw conclusions from today’s loss and to change something in the national team game.

* * *

Despite the offensive defeat of the hockey team of Turkmenistan with a big score in the debut match, the young team from a hot Central Asian country has gained an invaluable experience in an international tournament. An experience without which neither further progress in sports, nor victory in the future is possible. And they will be sure, I’m sure of it.

After all, Turkmenistan has everything for this – and the position of the country’s leadership, who considers the development of physical culture and sports to be a primary and important task, and modern sports arenas and ice rinks. And the most important thing is our brave boys, who have not seen snow in winter for years and, nevertheless, have not been afraid to come to their very first serious international tournament – the Children of Asia sport games in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

As they say, there are no victories without defeats. Ice hockey in Turkmenistan is at the very beginning of its path.

Well, tomorrow, February 12, the Turkmen young men will face a no less serious test – a meeting with hockey players from Kazakhstan.