Sculptor Saragt Babayev has a one-man exhibition in Ashgabat

Sculptor Saragt Babayev has a one-man exhibition in Ashgabat

Georgiy Aslanyan

The gallery of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan hosts a one-man exhibition of famous Turkmen sculptor Saragt Babayev, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the master, author of famous monumental compositions located in Ashgabat and many other cities of Turkmenistan, as well as of a number of portraits of soldiers, generals, poets, and political figures. Many of his works are exhibited in private art galleries and museums around the world.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the daughter of Saragt Babayev told that once he had said her that if he were of her age, he would have enough energy to remove mountains: “So, at his 70th, he still keep doing it!”

Where the tireless master find the energy from during many years? The artist himself explains that he has the will and passion for work: “Work for me, like art, is the source of life and energy.”

It is hard to believe, but, when he was young, he never thought about art. During the army years that he had in Tashkent, Saragt Babayev dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot, and wanted to cast in his lot with sky. However, the parents of a young man disapproved of his will and did not give their consent. The young Saragt had no choice, he could not disobey his parents as it is the custom of the Turkmen. Later, he started to be interested in sculpture, and years later, he advanced in in this field to have a great success, where Saragt Babayev is considered a real ace at sculpture.

“He works every day until two o’clock at the night. If you ask him whether he had rest, he will answer that he had rest while he was working,” the ceramist Gulyara Babayeva told about her husband.

As to question about the source of inspiration of the master, he answers immediately: “It is a love.”

Here is a quote from a book about the creative way of the sculptor: “Now Babayev is in the prime of his life. His unshakable character, which always is seeking for something, does not allow him to break away from work, and forces him to look for new artistic means that allow him to actively invade the consciousness of his contemporaries.”

In my opinion, the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Akmal Nur describes Saragt Babayeva the best way: “My friend and colleague is one of those sculptors who devote himself in full to the creative works. Creating different images, he seems to live in them, giving a part of his soul to them.”