Technological student from Ashgabat offers generating steps

Technological student from Ashgabat offers generating steps


An interesting idea in the field of energy conservation was proposed at the competition of research projects at the Engineering and Technological University of Turkmenistan by student Vekil Yazgulyev. His project “The Magic Ladder” is designed for the production of electricity by walking on the steps.

The curious design of the stairs is actually simple and can be reproduced at home. Steps with the help of stops-springs are fixed at an angle of 15 degrees to the plane. Under each set an ordinary dynamo machine, to the coil of which are attached the lugs of each false step. All dynamos are connected to a battery, which is also installed under the stairs.

And then everything is elementary: a person walks up the stairs. Under its weight, the raised steps are lowered, driving the coils of the dynamo machines. The rotation energy is transformed according to Faraday’s law into alternating current, which the dynamos transfer to the accumulator of any capacity.

The user himself decides how to use the energy accumulated by the battery: immediately connect to any system or save.

For Turkmenistan, the project is interesting because it does not require large financial expenditures, import of equipment and special services – the system can be installed both from scratch and on existing stairs. The idea of a Turkmen student can be useful both for private houses and for various enterprises and organizations, making it possible to reduce the cost of electricity and environmental impact.

Vekil Yazguliyev even made sure that the user saw that the system was working – the prototype of the “Magic Ladder” was equipped with LED lamps that light up when you press the step and activate the dynamo.

Perhaps the only drawback of such a mechanism is the difficulty in installing outdoors. For the system to work correctly, the ladder must have free space under it, where it will be possible to install generators and a battery.

The project of an IUT student named after Oguzhan is promising not only because of its simplicity and relative cheapness. Its focus on resource conservation, optimization of consumption and the production of clean energy is perfectly correlated with the environmental policy of Turkmenistan. The introduction of such a simple but fairly effective technology will make it possible to reduce energy consumption and pay less for it.