Young Turkmen developers are concerned about the problem of recycling plastic containers

Young Turkmen developers are concerned about the problem of recycling plastic containers


Competition of scientific works of the students of Oguzhan Engineering and Technology University was replete with technical innovations that could be useful in the daily lives of Turkmen citizens. One of them was the machine for receiving plastic bottles, designed by the 4th year student Uzuk Achilova.

The technology of the container is simple and based on the principle of waste sorting, which is being introduced in everyday use by more and more countries concerned about the duration of decomposition of plastic and the impact of its decay products on the environment.

A distinctive feature of the machine is that it pays the user for the discarded garbage, motivating more careful attitude to the environment. Drop an empty plastic bottle into the urn, insert a Bank or bus card into a special slot and get a small cash reward. Simple and nice.

The machine is equipped with three stages of verification of compliance of plastic waste with the processing criteria. First, after the garbage is lowered into the receiver, it is photographed on a super-fast camera. So the machine determines what is put in it, whether it meets the specified requirements.

If everything is OK, the plastic bottle goes through a second check-weighing and laser scanning to determine the size. In the memory of the machine programmed weight of plastic containers, which can be found on the shelves, as well as the approximate size of the “receiving” bottles. It, by the way, Uzuk Achilova offers to do different depending on the place of installation of the machine. In residential areas – up to 1.5-2 liters. At bus stops – to 1 liter.

If the weight of the empty bottle corresponds to the available data, the machine passes it to the third level – a metal detector. Containers containing metal are not suitable for recycling.

After the bottle passes all the systems, it is stored for further export and processing, And your account is replenished.

The undoubted advantage of the project is its focus on the active integration of the ideas of sorting and processing of garbage in the minds of Turkmenistan. Separation of waste allows you to give waste a “second life”, returning them to production after processing. This has a positive impact on the environmental situation in General: the repeated use of materials reduces the number of landfills and their area, and, more importantly, educates people to respect nature.

With all its advantages and demand, this project exists only in development. Installation of such bins is possible in the presence of a base for processing plastic waste and methods of their subsequent use. Also, the purchase and installation of the equipment necessary for the operation of automatic machines will cost a tidy sum, which will pay off only in the long term. In addition, it will be necessary to establish a program component for the reception of Bank and bus cards.

Machines for receiving plastic bottles – is a daily reality in many countries. By implementing this project, Turkmenistan, which makes a significant contribution to the protection of the environment, both in Central Asia and in the world, will consolidate its leading position in this area. In addition, increases the consumption culture and careful attitude to the environment, for which we certainly thank the future generations.