Turkmen Parliament adopts state budget for 2019

Turkmen Parliament adopts state budget for 2019

The fourth meeting of the Majlis (Parliament) of Turkmenistan of the sixth convocation was held in Ashgabat, within which the state budget of the country for 2019 was adopted, the Vatan program of the Turkmen State TV and Radio Company reports.

By a unanimous decision of parliamentarians, state budget revenues for next year are planned at a rate of 8.3868.3 billion manat. The same amount of funds is scheduled for the expenditure side of the state budget.

About 80% of the funds will be used to finance the social sphere. As before, next year wages, scholarships, pensions and other payments to the population by state institutions of the country will be increased by 10%.

A significant share of the budget will be directed to the socio-economic development envisaged by the special state program for 2018-2024. In particular, the production capacity of the petrochemical industry and the agro-industrial complex will be increased, the development of transport and communications, the food and textile industries will also continue.

Also at the meeting of the Mejlis, the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea was ratified.