Alexander BAYRIYEV

I am not a skeptic, but after this very categorical phrase-slogan, some doubting persons believe that you should put a question mark instead of an exclamation mark.

However, in the morning, on November 16, at the government session, it was decided to appoint Annageldy Yazmyradov the Minister of Agriculture, a newly established department via consolidation with the Ministry of Water Recourses.

Annageldy Orazberdiyevich is well-known by those who do not forget to follow the personnel decisions in the top-echelon government officials of Turkmenistan.

Just three years ago, he was at the position of deputy prime minister – one of the closest associates of the head of state (according to the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the president of the country is also prime minister).

The scanty lines of the biography of the new head of the ministry show that he once had successful career in the agricultural sector (or activities directly related to it), from the ordinary worker to the member of the government supervising the agriculture.

Indeed, he has fast promotion track. Having successfully graduated from the university in 1988, 20 years later, he headed the ministry of water management, and four years later, he joined the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.

However, three years later, according to the decree of the President, he was appointed the head of Ahal province, the second largest regions of the country, and later – to the post of head of the district of Baharden of Ahal province.

In the evening, the information program “Vatan” reported that reforms in agricultural complex of Turkmenistan require the attraction of experienced specialists, and therefore President Berdimuhamedov appointed A.Yazmyradov as the Minister of Agriculture and Water Management.

Well, the new minister has wide-ranging experience in official positions having worked in both as head of various departments and the head of the administration of the region and province. His recent work experience gave him practical experience, which in a high demand in our time, in the real conditions of the harvest company of strategic crops and animal husbandry.

The result is obvious –this year the district of Baharden was the third in the country to fulfill the contractual obligations for delivery of cotton. In addition, the district has showed good results in other indicators also.

Therefore, the decision of the Turkmen leader to appoint a new head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources is important and in proper time, taking into consideration the revolutionary decisions of the People’s Council on reforms in the agricultural industry.

It would give a hope that the new minister of agriculture, who will be facing, of course, the difficult tasks of implementing the cardinal reforms carried out by President Berdimuhamedov in the agro-industrial complex, will be of use more than his predecessor – the former head of the youth organization of Turkmenistan.

Would you agree that the personnel is able to settle everything?

If not all, then at least, many and many issues!