Jumabayeva had her world records returned – scandal extinguished

Jumabayeva had her world records returned – scandal extinguished


The scandal, which flared up around the Turkmen weightlifter Yulduz Jumabayeva, was resolved.

Yesterday, Turkmen fans tore and threw, when the favorite of the public, Yulduz Dzhumabayeva, due to the mistake of one of the judges, did not count the lifting of 104 kg in the jerk and two junior world records.

In the following approaches, psychologically exhausted due to the injustice of the judges, the athlete failed to lift 105 kg in her second, already redundant approach.

But the Federation of Weightlifting of Turkmenistan (TWF) did not give the athlete a grudge. An appeal was filed with the IWF, and the leaders of the international federation, judges, and other responsible persons, met at night for a long time, conducted something like an internal investigation in order to fully understand the situation.

And today they announced the decision, according to which the achievements of Yulduz Jumabayeva were recognized as valid. Thus, the Turkmen weightlifter deservedly took the second step of the podium, and also became the owner of two world records – in the jerk and in the sum of the raised weight.

Hearing this news, the tribunes rejoiced. President of the Weightlifting Federation of Thailand and part-time First Vice-President of the IWF Intarat Jodbangtoya was categorically against revising the results, because it could deprive his athlete of two silver medals.

Nevertheless, the IWF gracefully got out of the situation: Chirafan Nansavong and Yulduz Jumabaeva were wearing the same silver medals.

Situations with judicial errors that arise for objective reasons, and sometimes for subjective motives, unfortunately, are not uncommon in big-time sports, as in other areas of activity. The human factor is difficult to exclude from our lives. That is why the world is gaining momentum in the movement, advocating the replacement of “imperfect” human arbiters with “perfect” robots or at least a wider use of modern technical means to make an objective decision.

The experience of using video referees at the World Cup, which was held in Russia, which contributed to the resolution of several fundamental disputes, can be called successful.

But for weightlifters, the situation is more complicated, since the system is based on the transfer of an athlete along a whole chain of judges: from those who accept applications and redeclaration of the starting weight to those who give the “white light” – count the attempt as successful.

Perhaps in the future, fans of honest and pure sport will be able to figure out how to eliminate the human component from it. But so far it remains to rely on the conscience of the judges, their ability to admit their mistakes and, without delay, to correct them.

It is for this skill that the Turkmen fans now thank the representatives of the IWF, who gave the white light to the athlete from Turkmenistan Yulduz Jumabayeva.