Berdimuhamedov congratulated Putin on his 66th birthday by the phone

Berdimuhamedov congratulated Putin on his 66th birthday by the phone

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov had a telephone conversation with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the state news agency TDH reports.

The head of Turkmenistan congratulated his Russian colleague on his birthday, that was celebrated the day before, and wished good health and great success in his activities at the highest state post of the Russian Federation.

Leaders of Turkmenistan and Russia discussed the priority issues of the international cooperation as well as exchanged the views on a number of important aspects of the regional and global agenda.

On October 7, Vladimir Putin celebrated his 66th birthday. Russian media noting that President Vladimir Putin loves animals in general and dogs in particular. In this regard, the journalists reminded that last year Putin received a top breed puppy called Vepaly (Verniy), which means “faithful” in Russian, as a birthday gift from Berdimuhamedov. For some time, Verniy became the most famous media person, as television coverage showed a delighted Putin, holding and kissing the new dog gifted for his birthday from the leader of Turkmenistan.

In addition, animals once again showed special relations between Turkmenistan and Russia. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov assisted to Vladimir Putin in the implementation of the Program of Recovery of the Persian Leopard in the Caucasus. By order of the Turkmen leader, in September 2009, two leopards were imported from Turkmenistan to the Leopard Restoration Center in the Caucasus. In April 2010, two female leopards were imported from Iran. In August 2013, the male leopard from Turkmenistan and the female leopard from Iran had their first litter of two kittens born in Russia.