Belarusian team “MAZ-SPORT Auto” to take part in the “Amul-Hazar 2018” Rally

Belarusian team “MAZ-SPORT Auto” to take part in the “Amul-Hazar 2018” Rally

On July 11, in Minsk, a presentation of the “Turkmen Desert Race 2018”, also known as the “Amul-Hazar 2018”, was held. Representatives of Turkmenistan, the “MAZ-SPORT Auto” team and the Belarusian Automobile Federation, attended the event, Sputnik reports.

The rally, initiated by the Turkmen government and organized with the participation of the legendary French race driver Jean-Louis Schlesser, will begin in the ancient city of Amul on 11 September to end in the city of Awaza on the shore of the Caspian Sea on 15 September. The road to be crossed in these five days will be 1,158 km long.

Cars, quad bikes and trucks will race over sandy dunes of the Karakum Desert at some stages of the rally. At the moment, applications have been received from 54 participants from 19 countries.
For the Belarusian team, this is the first race in Turkmenistan.

“We will gladly accept this challenge and will try to win in the truck race event in this prestigious rally,” said Sergei Vyazovich, head of the MAZ-SPORT Auto truck racing division. “At least two MAZ-SPORT Auto teams will participate in the race in Turkmenistan in September,” he noted.

KamAZ-Master team will also take part in the rally. In total, 54 crews from 19 countries have confirmed participation in the rally at the moment.

“Considering the road we will have to travel as part of the rally in Turkmenistan, participation in this prestigious race will be a good test of our mettle before the Dakar 2019 Rally, which will go across sands in Peru in January’, explained Sergei Vyazovich.

The MAZ-SPORT Auto truck racing division is already well-known as a participant of international rallies. At the previous Silk Way Rally, all three MAZs entered the top ten crews. In January 2018, a team led by Sergei Vyazovich came second during the truck race as part of the Dakar Rally. It is the best accomplishment secured by Belarusian automobile sport, comments.