Sports Genes and their impact on results of 2018World Cup

Sports Genes and their impact on results of 2018World Cup


The sport battles within the framework of the 2018 World Cup Russia are of interest to the whole world. However, some fans spend the days watching championship in stadiums and fan zones, while others – in laboratories.

Researchers of the Russian company Genotek, engaged in the analysis of the human genome, identified teams, whose players have sports genes. They are Russia, Croatia, Italy and Brazil.

Contrary to popular opinion, the sporting successes of the greatest masters do not stand only for “blood, sweat and tears.” Hard work, proper diet and determination play a significant role, but there is another crucial factor – genetic predisposition to practice a particular sport; the “sports genes”.

During one of the DNA researches of famous sportsmen, one of them was Usain Bolt, their samples were compared with the samples of ordinary citizens. Thanks to this, two hundred genes related to sporting successes were discovered.

It turned out, for example, that weightlifters have a variation of the AGT gene, which participates in the allocation of an important physiological regulator of blood pressure, and sprinters – the ACTN3 gene, which stabilizes the contractile apparatus of skeletal muscles and participates in a large number of metabolic processes.

Geneticist from Genotek decided to find out how many percent of the citizens of the countries from the FIFA Top have a “sport” version of the genes. It turned out that 19-20 percent of Brazilians, Italians, Russians and Croats possess the necessary set of genes.

However, in African countries, whose athletes demonstrated excellent endurance and reaction at the world championships, no more than 1 percent of the residents are sports “gifted”.

The researchers underlined that these data are not intended to be used as the basis for forecasts. The genetic predisposition to the sporting successes is unquestionable. Nevertheless, the factors such as economic development of the country, total investment in sports and other factors are important as well.