Eco-friendly LED lamps of Turkmen production have won the market

Eco-friendly LED lamps of Turkmen production have won the market


The import substitution program by local analogues is a significant contribution of Turkmenistan to the environmental protection. The establishment of production of domestic LED-lamps, which have already become a global “green” trend, became the next important step in this direction.

Light-Emitting Diode Lamps, also known as LED lamps, are one of the most environmentally friendly light sources. LED lamps are made from substances that exclude mercury or halogens, so they are not danger to the environment in case of damage or failure. This, in turn, facilitates transportation and disposal: when the lamp burns out, it can be discharged or recycled safely without fear.

“Aydyn gijeler” Economic Society in cooperation with the “Turkmenmashynstroy” Concern under the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan has been producing LED lamps since February 2017. From the beginning of this year, about half a million of green light sources came in the local market.

The main advantage of LED-lamps from “Aydyn gijeler” is a long useful time. LED lamps estimates 20,000 to 50,000 hours of guaranteed useful life (from two to five years).

Of course, such a long-run light bulb cannot be cheap. However, as regards to cost, LED-lamps from “Aydyn gijeler” have an advantage also. The lamps are produced by the Ashgabat factory “Turkmenkabel”. The Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refineries supplies 70 percent of raw materials – polypropylene. Only 30 percent – LED boards and caps – are exported from China. It means that low charges for import components and transportation of the final product to local shops significantly reduce its cost. A variety of products (lamps of different shapes and sizes from 3 to 24 watt, corresponding to 40 and 240-watt incandescent lamps) will satisfy the most demanding buyer.

LED-lamps positively affect the environment and are quite economical. They are power-efficient; almost do not get warm, shock-resistant and durable. In addition, in contrast to most light sources, LEDs radiate very little heat in the form of Infrared Radiation that can cause eye problems.

The appliance area of LED-lamps is almost unlimited: household, plant growing, automobile industry and even the beauty industry – LED lamps are used everywhere. “Aydyn gijeler” Economic Society intends to expand further the range of products offered and to enter the world market.