Amazon under the Dome: Air gymnast from Turkmenistan is the silver medal winner of «Echo of Asia» festival

Amazon under the Dome: Air gymnast from Turkmenistan is the silver medal winner of «Echo of Asia» festival

Liliana Yusupova from Turkmenistan with “The Ring” performance has been awarded with silver medal of XI International Festival of Circus Art “Echo of Asia” that was held in Astana on July 4 – 8 and dedicated to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan.

Artists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Canada, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Hungary performed on the arena of Astana Circus in two nomination programmes.

In addition to silver medal in nomination For High Performance Skills and Professionalism, Liliana Yusupova has been awarded with special prize from Ukraine National Circus.

Liliana presented the performance in air gymnastic genre although Turkmen audience has learnt her in this quality not long ago. She is more famous as an excellent horse rider of the famous equestrian group Galkynysh, which won the main prizes of many World and International festivals of circus art in Italy, Russian, China and other countries.

Being natural born stunt performers, the members of the group easily master other types of circus art both in the arena and under the dome. There are tightrope walkers, balancers, acrobats, jugglers among the horse riders of the Galkynysh; they work with whips, hula-hoops, jumping ropes and other accessories… They would be able to make and perform the whole circus programme including the clowning and not speaking of animal training on their own as to deal with the horse, especially with rather wilful and tempered ahalteke horse, the way they deal cannot be done by anyone.

In other words, such versatility is one of the main features of the fosters of the Galkynysh. But first of all, this is undoubtedly their inimitable skill to create captivating riding show with their horses.

Liliana came to the group when she was 10 and ever since, the love of horses occupies the most of her life. She decided to dedicate them her future, having entered the Equestrian Department of Turkmen Agricultural University. She is 20 now and in addition to the equestrian sport and stunting, she is fond of doing air gymnastics and juggling.

Indeed, Turkmen amazons are beautiful in everything – when they hightailing on fast horse around the arena, bravely performing dizzying stunts and when in the captivating elegant and swift soaring under the dome of the circus where Liliana lit up her star at the Echo of Asia festival.

There are many plans and dreams ahead. The Galkynysh group has many invitations from all over the world. They are expected in the Monaco for a long time already since the first triumph performance of Turkmen riders at the World Festival of Circus Art in Moscow in 2013.

Director of Monaco Circus Urs Piltz has reminded about it at the meeting in Astana. According to his words, Princess Stephanie also wants to see famous Galkynysh group with her own eyes. So, the most prestige manager on the circus world invited the group again to the International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo.