Floating city is no longer a fairy tale

Floating city is no longer a fairy tale


The founder of the non-profit organization “Seasteading Institute” and Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel presented details of the first floating city project, which will be built by 2022. In May 2018, the institute embarked on a pilot project with the government of French Polynesia.

It is planned to build 300 houses on an island. The floating city will be completely autonomous due to wind turbines and solar panels. The team wants to grow much of its food through aquaculture, which involves breeding plants, growing fruits and vegetables and fish in water. The islands could run on solar power and continuously gather and recycle its water from the ocean. The use of energy exclusively from renewable sources and complete self-sufficiency are some of the main features of the project.

The floating city will be located a one kilometer away from the shore and could be one option for rising sea levels due to climate change that threaten coastal cities around the world. The huge structure will rise along with water level. A giant barrier built around housings will protect it from strong waves in the bad weather.

The first island city will use its own cryptocurrency called Varyon. Recently, presales began for the Varyon cryptocurrency, which will last until July 14.