In Ashgabat, the contest of book lovers is now open for children

In Ashgabat, the contest of book lovers is now open for children


The contest of book lovers “Golden Bookmarker” held by the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan named after Makhtumkuli and the Educational Center “Gujurly Nesil” will be now open for children along with adults.

On August 4, the next contest will be held in Ashgabat According to the rules, participants should choose one of the books offered – in Turkmen, English or Russian, and then pass an appropriate test showing how deeply they understood and comprehended the work read. This time, the contest also announced for the younger group “Kids” of the Center “Gujurly Nesil”.

The contest, which is gaining popularity among young people, will give children, who have just begun to learn foreign languages, the opportunity to apply nature’s forged curiosity and makings to explore a new one even better.

The winners of the “Golden Bookmarker” contest will receive discount coupons for courses in “Gujurly Nesil”, as well as gifts prepared by the book centers “Alem” and “Galam”.

“The appearance of interest from the side of children to participate in the contest is give a feel of joy and pride,” said one of its organizers, Merdan Durdiyev. “Our actions are aimed to foster love for reading fiction, and the sooner a person gets this skills, the better for him, for society, and for peace.”