IWF: Ashgabat made great progress in 2018 WWC preparations

IWF: Ashgabat made great progress in 2018 WWC preparations

As it is known, the Turkmenistan Weightlifting Federation received the right to carry out the IWF’s 2018 flagship event, the IWF World Championships, at relatively short notice.

Nevertheless, Ashgabat’s undertaking seemed feasible to realize even at allocation time, based on the state-of-the-art facilities built for and used at the 2017 AIMAG, says the IWF’s press release on outcomes of the second Technical Visit.

The delegation included Aniko Nemeth-Mora, Director of International Relations, Matyas Lencser, Competition Manager and Angelique Mottet, Operations Manager.

During the visit they met with Minister of Youth and Sport of Turkmenistan Dayanch Gulgeldiyev, other responsible officials, inspected the competition facilities, accommodation and catering and touched upon key issues.

As it was confirmed since the Executive Board’s decision and the signing of the WWC Agreement preparations had progressed very promisingly for hosting the 2018 IWF WWC.

-We have seen significant progress in the preparations and we managed to cover all the important areas of the World Championships organization, said Aniko Nemeth-Mora.

Moreover, Turkmenistan as a host country undertakes to provide free of charge visa on arrival to all participants submitting the required data in time.

The delegation was joined by the IWF’s partner Lagardere Sports represented by its Senior Vice President and Director of Media, who hade timely and very fruitful negotiations with Turkmenistan’s State Television regarding the broadcasting of the 2018 IWF WWC.