Turkmenistan to pardon 611 convicts in honor of Night of Omnipotence

Turkmenistan to pardon 611 convicts in honor of Night of Omnipotence

In Turkmenistan, in honor of the sacred Muslim holiday – Omnipotence Night (Gadyr Gijesi) – 611 people will be pardoned. President Berdimuhamedov signed the corresponding decree at the government session, the information program “Vatan” of the Turkmen State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company reports.

The decree directed to pardon and release the prisoners from further serving the principal punishment, as well as from an additional punishment in the form of imposing the duty of accommodation in some areas.

The head of state instructed the heads of law-enforcement authorities to hold the action with all due responsibility to ensure that the pardoned convicts in the near future left the imprisonment and returned to their families to meet Gadyr Gijesi in their homes.

In addition, the Turkmen leader instructed the relevant services to take care of the employment of pardoned citizens who wished to redeem their guilt with honest labor and contribute to the development of Turkmenistan.

The Night of Omnipotence is one of the main nights of the holy month of Oraza – the blessed month of fasting for all Muslims of the world, the month of prayers, purification and good deeds. It is believed that on this night the Allah through angel Djebrail sent down the Holy Koran to the Prophet Muhammad in the form of revelation. This year Gadyr Gijesi falls on 10-11 June.