Artificial bone marrow can be no worse than natural

Artificial bone marrow can be no worse than natural


Bone marrow is one of the most important organs of the immune system. It contains stem cells, from which the immune system develops, and its loss inevitably leads to the death of a person.

A bone marrow transplant is a complicated procedure: the chance to choose a suitable bone marrow donor even among relatives is only 25%. However, scientists from the University of Basel in Switzerland presented to the scientific community artificially created bone marrow, able to create stem cells.

The most complicated invention is already recognized as one of the most impressive in medicine. Artificial bone marrow works on the basis of mesenchymal cells, from which all blood cells are produced. These cells undergo several stages of reactions and combine with a three-dimensional porous-ceramic skeleton. The obtained substances are placed in a perfusion bioreactor in which biological and artificial components “coalesce” with each other.

As a result, the resulting tissue for almost three weeks functioned the same as the bone marrow, producing stem cells. Even the molecular structure of the artificial bone marrow did not differ much from the present.

The author of the research, Ivan Matrin, is very inspired by the results obtained: “Thanks to this development, we will be able to take patient cells and create models of blood diseases, such as leukemia, for example. So we can find out how these diseases affect the differentiation of blood cells, as well as learn how to restore the diseased organ. ”

The trials are continuing, but already now it can be said with certainty that the spread of this technology in medical institutions will help to increase the recovery rate from blood diseases previously considered almost incurable.