Born with a bicycle


Sultanmyrat Amangeldyev is an amazing person. He a many-times USSR champion on cycling, a prizewinner of international competitions and an active propagandist of cycling among the youth.

Soltanmyrad-aga in his 71-years is always bright, cheerful, and full of energy. On a bicycle, he carefully follows the training of his young students.

“I feel myself uncomfortable without physical training. I try to ride at least three times a week, an average of 10-20 km each time.”

In his work, Soltanmyrat-aga does not focus on educating athletes: “Not all of them will become champions. However, the main thing is not this. The main thing is that all of them are attached to sports, to a healthy lifestyle. This habit will remain, and when they grow up, they will impart these values to their children.”

Especially for ORIENT in honor of the World Bicycle Day held on Sunday, Soltanmyrat Amangeldyev told us about his life, his students and the development of cycling in Turkmenistan.