UN Secretary-General – staunch supporter of the ideologies of gender equality

UN Secretary-General – staunch supporter of the ideologies of gender equality

“We live in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture. Centuries of patriarchy and discrimination have left a damaging legacy”, stressed the Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, during opening remarks at the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the status of women, which began its work on Monday in New York.

According to the head of the most important international organization, stereotypes are still widespread in the governments, in the private sector and in civil society.

Despite unprecedented advances in the scientific world, women accounted for only 30 per cent of jobs in that area. Women have diplomatic talent, however, even among the permanent representatives to the UN only 20% of female.

In the global dimension, the burden of social inequality is felt particularly by girls from poor families who are forced to accept early marriages and often suffer from violence; widows and persons with disabilities; and rural women.

“In Latin America, France, India, the Middle East, China and here in the United States…From “MeToo” to “Time’s Up” to “The Time is Now” …Women and girls are calling out abusive behaviour and discriminatory attitudes “, Guterres added, stressing that he considers himself a proud feminist.

He urged men to support the efforts of the women in the struggle for their rights.

The 62nd session of the Commission on the status of women is attended by representatives of the UN system, delegates from member countries and civil society. The session will wrap up on 23 March.

The Commission, which functions since 1946, is one of the bodies of the Economic and Social Council. It reviews the implementation of international standards to protect and promote women’s rights. The structure of the Commission includes 45 countries, including two Central Asian nations – Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.