Azerbaijan will make an attempt in the automotive industry

Azerbaijan will make an attempt in the automotive industry

Very soon, automobile dealerships in Central Asia, Russia and Ukraine will offer products of the Azerbaijani automotive industry. From the next month, at the car factory in the Neftchalinsky industrial zone, AzerMash Company starts a serial assembly of “steel horses”.

The godfather of the Azerbaijani automobile industry is the Iranian company Iran Khodro, which concluded an agreement with the Azerbaijani company Azeurocar (a subsidiary of AzerMash) to start a joint automobile production. The price of the startup is 24 million manat (more than $ 14 million). At the same time, the Azerbaijani share in the project is 75 percent of the funds, and the Iranian share is 25 percent.

The opening of the plant on March 28th this year is expected to be done by Iranian President Hassan Roukhani, whose visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan is scheduled for this time.

Annually this plant will produce about ten thousand Iranian cars Dena, Rana, Soren and Samand on the platform of the French Peugeot car, as well as a number of models of the Peugeot itself. Already, manufacturers are considering exporting products to the Central Asian, Russian and Ukrainian auto markets. The localization of production is also considered.

So far, in the territory of Central Asia and the Caucasus, Uzbekistan has achieved the greatest success in the production of “steel horses”. It is time now to wish good luck to the Azerbaijani car makers.