OK, ORIENT: where can I learn Turkmen in Wyoming?

OK, ORIENT: where can I learn Turkmen in Wyoming?


In 2012, the master’s student Dilnoza Khasilova had an idea to create a new language program that would allow students to learn about different cultures of the world and relevant languages ​​in an accessible, informal setting.

“I had an idea to launch a language and cultural program, similar to the English language teaching programs in my homeland. Programs that tell not only about grammar and punctuation, but also about the culture of the country of the studied language, its soul, traditions.”

Thus, the World Language and Culture program, known as WLCP, was created.

In 2013, the project received a special grant, and the program revived. First WLCP offered only three languages.

Today, thanks to volunteer teachers, the number of available languages ​​grows from year to year. In 2018, the program offers more than ten languages ​​for study.

Previously, training was provided only to students at the University of Wyoming, now anyone can participate in the program. And there are many of those, who desire to become participants.

For some, the program is a way to learn something about yourself. For others – the opportunity to share unique knowledge about their native places.

It happened with a student from Ashgabat, Jennet Nedirmammedova. She came to the program in order to study Hebrew, but remained there as a teacher of the Turkmen language.

“Now that I have studied the basic Hebrew for free, thanks to these courses, I am ready with all my heart to pay my debt to the community and students, teaching the Turkmen language to those who are interested in the Central Asian countries. I hope that my course will inspire students to travel to Turkmenistan and prepare them for this,” says Jennet.

“Unfortunately, WLCP exists so far only in Wyoming, so I’m not sure that many students will want to visit this secluded place. But in short, WLCP offers more than ten languages ​​to everyone. And it’s absolutely free. Usually we teach the basics and the initial levels of the language to people who would like to learn some kind of culture. This is a great program!”

The activities of WLCP and its teachers are not limited to lessons. Soon comes the International day of Novruz, and the program, as well as last year, plans to organize a festival that will give an opportunity to all wishing to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the ancient spring holiday of the peoples of Asia.

Jennette’s student history inspires. Whoever you are: students who are preparing to travel abroad, foreigners looking for their place in the new culture, or just those who would like to find themselves, there will always be those who will help you in any endeavors! Share useful and diverse information, expand your horizons and become better than you were yesterday!