Juniors of Turkmenistan mastering the international fencing track

Juniors of Turkmenistan mastering the international fencing track


15-year-old Jumanazar Dovletnazarov from Turkmenistan took the 20th place at the Asian Fencing Championship among cadets and juniors held from February 23rd to March 5th in Dubai.

In competitions among the cadets, he won 5 battles out of six. For the first time, a Turkmen athlete shows such a brilliant result at competitions of this level. At the same junior championship, Jumanazar became the 37th out of 75 participants, winning 4 fights from 6.

Before the trip to Dubai, Jumanazar won 4 medals at the Turkmen championship: two awards on rapier and sword among cadets, and the same number of awards among juniors on the same types of sport weapons.

In the youth’s sporting career this is the second “quartet” of medals at the Championship of the country. With the same triumphant victory, he performed in his native Balkanabat in November 2017.

Last year, at the international fencing tournament “Blades of Alatau” in Almaty, he was the first among the cadets (the age category is up to 17 years) and the third among juniors (up to 20 years). And with the national team of Turkmenistan in these competitions, Jumanazar brought his team the third place in the standings.

The year of 2017 was lucky for the young athlete domestically: he won the Turkmen Cup in fencing on the rapier and took third place in the sword fencing.

In April, Jumanazar will have to compete for the Cup of Turkmenistan. In case of a successful performance, he will go to the Asian Championships in Bangkok in June, and in July – to the World Championships in China.

Djumanazar is one of the five best fencers in the country among adults.

“He is a very hard-working boy, he puts his skills into the trainings and conducts thorough work over mistakes”, – mentor Tatyana Rizaevna Ermolaeva, characterizing her mentee, describes his outstanding career as a young athlete.