Success of the gender policy of Turkmenistan in stories and persons

Success of the gender policy of Turkmenistan in stories and persons

On the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day, the United Nations Development Programme in Turkmenistan jointly with UNFPA and UNODC launched an online campaign that tells the incredible success stories of eight women, engaged in a variety of fields.

The main goal of the campaign is narrating about their lives and how these beautiful, talented, successful and modest woman cope with the daily challenges and their stories serve vivid instances, which can inspire young girls to personal and professional growth.

Gulya Chorekliyeva is a doctor by profession. In her practice, she often had to deal with invalids. Caring attitude to the problems of these people, especially related to their social adaptation and integration into society, led Gulya and her associates to the idea of creating a public organization “Yenme” (“Overcoming”), which today successfully wipes off stereotypes about people with disabilities and is engaged in social inclusiveness of disabled people.

“If you are focused on success, you need to achieve your goals, work hard and never give up”, advises the current twelve-time champion of Turkmenistan, tennis player Anastasia Prenko. Anastasia has been friends with the racket and the ball since she was five, at the age of 10 – she became the strongest in the teenage category, at the age of 12 she participated in international tournaments. Her sports career, combining both big-time sports and coaching, was marked by Wimbledon, numerous ITF tournaments among juniors and professionals and regional games.

Selbi Sultanova, qualified lawyer, realized her child aspirations for perfection and creativity with the opening of the fashion house “Eminess”, which brings together an amazing team of masters of their craft – designers, cutters, tailors, jewelers, embroiderers, daily creating a beautiful, new, unique things and dictating their rule in the world of style.

“Always strive for learning. Education for a young woman is the key to her well-being” – this is one of the life lessons of Lyudmila Petukhova. At one time, she had to stope her career as a hydrogeologist to take care of her child, and later she and a group of like-minded people started their social activities, opening the first helpline. This was one of the first projects of the public organization “Ynam” – the only service at that time, providing social services for free. “Our Club has become an outlet for me, where I work with pleasure, because my desire to help people achieves the goal,” says Lyudmila.

A successful entrepreneur Akbobek Taganova always helps those who decided to open their own business. Business erases all stereotypes that a woman should be soft and flexible, because in this area there are no women and men. Rather, there is the notion of competitiveness, which requires determination, strength. These qualities are unfairly associated only with male. “My advice to all young women: if you want to become successful entrepreneurs, you must first of all be strong and focused”, assures the business lady.

Bahar Orazniyazova at the beginning of her career in “Turkmenistan Coca-Cola Bottlers” combined study and work. It was difficult, but the effort paid off hundredfold. The girl climbed the career ladder from the laboratory assistant to the head of the laboratory and quality department. And she is planning to become a regional leader for quality control of the Coca-Cola company. Undoubtedly, Bahar will achieve the target, because of availability of such character properties as the ability to make correct priorities, a clear vision of the goal and giving 100-percent effort.

The continuous process of self-education and innovative, perfectionist approach to business -perhaps these epithets describe better the life and business mood of entrepreneur Maya Muradova, who owns a large laundry business “MAŸAM”. “No one says that this is easy; it is very difficult to create a business. However, if you find what you want to do, you can then constantly examine and develop your ideas”, says Maya.

Poet, journalist, winner of the “Türkmeninuň altyn asyry” contest, Mahym Rozyyeva recalls her difficult path to achieve creative heights. There was no school in her native village and she had to walk daily five kilometers to the neighboring village, and then she left the home to get an education. However, love for poetry and literature once settled in the child’s soul, has become an inexhaustible source of strength, which allowed to overcome all difficulties. “I felt so rejuvenated as a writer, when my book “Asmana sygmayan ak gushlar” was published”, says Mahym. In 2017, she also became the winner of journalistic competition of UNFPA for the best material on gender issues.

Historically, in Turkmen society women have always played and continue to play a significant role in the socio-economic progress of the state. In fact, there are dozens or hundreds of such life stories, which reflect the victory and success of the gender policy pursued by the Turkmen leadership, clearly focused on creating equal conditions and opportunities for both women and men.