Microsoft will purchase “clean” energy in Asia

Microsoft will purchase “clean” energy in Asia


Microsoft entered into the first renewable energy deal in Asia, signing an agreement with the Singapore-based Sunseap, which produces solar energy.

The company will install solar panels on hundreds of roofs of buildings in Singapore, with the capacity of 60 megawatts. According to the contract, Microsoft will purchase 100% of all this energy for 20 years.

The signing of the agreement was promoted by Microsoft’s plan to use more renewable energy sources to support its data centers (DPCs).

In 2016, the company promised that 50% of all energy used by their data centers will come from renewable sources. In a recent statement, Microsoft’s Director for Data Center Services Christian Beladi said that the company is already very close to realizing this goal.

The deal with the Singapore Sunseap is Microsoft’s first renewable energy deal in Asia. Earlier, the company had already signed three agreements in this area with GE companies in Ireland and Vattenfall in the Netherlands.

Other large technology corporations, such as Apple, Google and Facebook, also showed similar initiatives aimed at increasing the use of alternative energy sources.