The founder of Amazon will build a “timeless” clock

The founder of Amazon will build a “timeless” clock


The world’s richest man Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced the beginning of the creation of giant mechanical watches, which, as assumed, will work for 10 thousand years without stopping. The clock will be built inside the mountain in West Texas. The cost of project is estimated at 42 million US dollars.

The idea of a “timeless” clock belongs to the famous American inventor Danny Hillis, who developed the project back in 1995. It took a long time and a lot of investments to realize the project.

Over the past few years, the team of Bezos has been engaged in manufacturing parts for the watch and preparing a niche in the mountain for their installation. Now the long-awaited time for setting the clock has come.

“Installation has begun – 500 ft (152 meters) tall, all mechanical, powered by day/night thermal cycles, synchronized at solar noon, a symbol for long-term thinking – the 10 000 Year Clock is coming,” noted Jeff Bezos in his social networking page.

It is interesting that the clock does not show the time: instead of this, an audible signal will be issued every 24-hour. In addition, a “cuckoo” as in a classic mechanical watch, which comes out every millennium, will be installed inside.

One would wonder on reason of spending money on such crazy venture. We do not know so far. Perhaps just for fun.

Jeff Bezos promises that after the completion of construction, everyone will be able to look at the giant mechanism for free, but it will be extremely difficult to get to it. As Bezos notes on the project website: “The nearest airport is a few hours away by car, and visitors on arrival would need to make a pilgrimage 600 meters to encounter the Clock”.