SpaceX will provide Internet for people of Earth from the “space”

SpaceX will provide Internet for people of Earth from the “space”


SpaceX, US aerospace manufacturer and space transport Services Company launched the Falcon 9 rocket with two experimental satellites, Microsat 2a and 2b for Internet distribution around the world on February 22. They became the first test satellites of the Starlink broadband Internet coverage, developed by Elon Musk.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, sending up these two test spacecraft is a big first step in SpaceX’s long-term plans to create satellite internet. The company wants to create a giant constellation of nearly 12,000 satellites by 2020. SpaceX expects to have more than 40 million subscribers to the service by 2025, amounting to $30 billion in revenue that year.

The company wants to create satellites that will orbit in a synchronized dance above Earth, beaming internet connectivity to antenna receivers on the planet’s surface. One set of satellites will sit an altitude of 1150 to 1325 kilometers up, while others will sit an altitude of 335 to 346 kilometers up and operate on a different radio frequency. Such a massive satellite fleet will be constantly in motion around the planet and will supposedly be able to provide coverage to any spot on Earth at all times.

SpaceX was founded in 2002. The company develops, manufactures and launches rockets and space vehicles.

Since the company intends to provide the Earth with satellite super-fast and “cheap” Internet coverage, the plans of the American businessman and inventor make one think about whether Elon Musk will displace all Internet providers and mobile operators on the planet Earth?!

In addition, what one would say about other ambitious idea of a billionaire? As Musk stated, he hopes to transport humans to Mars’ surface by 2022 and to enable the colonization of Mars. Therefore, as against this idea, the Internet for people of Earth from the “space” is quite realizable and even “trifling” matter.